Endless Sin ~2~

I’m sitting here wondering what the hell did this body do.  I’m sure I’ve been here for at least 2 weeks, all I’ve seen are trays of prison food.  All of a sudden, like students getting released on the last day, the door flung open. “GET UP!” All I can do is stare at this […]

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Stoned Typing

Once you get into a relationship with someone who smokes just as much as you do, be prepared to say goodbye to rolling your own shit.  Don’t get me wrong watching her roll-up is awesome and pretty hot but I love to use my hands.  I like using my hands so much I developed a habit […]

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Endless Sin ~1~

I feel my teeth break when his fist connects under my chin.  The shattered teeth makes my mouth sound like its full of glass.  I spit a heavy load of spit, blood, and bits of teeth that leaves a thin mask on his face.  Seems to push him into a bigger rage and fuels the […]

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Endless Sin (Intro)

Endless Sin is a series I will begin to regularly post.  Imagine dying and coming back to life in a body that is not yours.  The body of someone that has committed suicide.  Could it be a blessing or a curse.  Follow up with this story I would really appreciate the feed back. Enjoy

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Join Me On This Journey

The mind is a powerful weapon.  It can change the world and all it takes is a well thought sentence.  My mind is full of crazy ideas and I am eager to share them with the world.  I will write short stories that may be a continuous series.  It will not be your traditional series […]

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